Contained Solutions

Call to Action

Right now, we are seeking funding from the Minnesota State Legislature, and are encouraging any and all who support, truly ending Veterans’ homelessness, can do so through by contacting your legislators and asking them to vote for HF2662/SF2567, HF2593/SF2601 & HF2592/SF2602.

If enacted, this legislation will build fourplexes across the state in the inner cities  and regional centers to house homeless and at-risk Veterans in properties they can own and generate revenue from. Contained Solutions is the only Veterans organization seeking to provide homeownership which includes a revenue model.


Our Organization

Contained Solutions is a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and its tax identification number is 83-1911620. Contained Solutions has been organized to combat veteran homelessness and provide viable solutions to meet economic goals. We are accepting donations  at 1360 University Avenue West Suite 104 Box 415, St Paul, MN, 55104.

Our mission is to develop multi-unit, high quality, environmentally minded, and affordable housing for veterans.  Furthermore, we will assist those veterans to obtain a path to own and manage our developed properties.